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Ballet is the foundation of all dance forms. Through this structured class, students will learn proper body placement, gain flexibility and develop strength. This class will consist of barre, across the floor progressions, and center work. This beautiful and demanding technique is a necessity for all young, aspiring dancers. Ballet classes are offered for beginning through advanced levels.



Pointe classes are offered for students who have had previous ballet training at Studio 16 and who demonstrate appropriate strength and technique to safely withstand the demands of pointe. Students will utilize previously learned ballet technique while working in pointe shoes. This class will include barre, across the floor progressions, and center work.



Lyrical is a fusion of ballet and jazz, with expressive motions that tell a story and focuses on control and fluidity of movement. Heavily focused on ballet technique and terminology, dancers will develop their musicality and advance their performance skills.



Jazz classes teach basic jazz dance technique, terminology and style with an emphasis on proper technique, alignment and movement quality. Set to a variety of appropriate musical genres, jazz classes are a great workout and fun for all ages.


Stretch, Strength, & Technique (SST)

Stretch, Strength, and Technique (SST) This class is a combination of deep stretching and body conditioning and designed to increase endurance and proper technique for the dancer. The class includes a variety of training. Strong muscles are vital for protecting the body and of course improving dance skills! This class is required for our company dancers, but is open to all dancers that fall into the class age range



Tap Percussion dance is one the oldest forms of dance. From shuffles to syncopated pull backs, tap classes teach rhythm, coordination, style, and sound with intricate footwork. Students will learn musicality and timing in this class.


Hip hop

Hip Hop is a fast-paced and energetic dance style using the latest street/urban dance moves set to appropriate hip hop music. Hip hop encompasses a wide range of street styles including breaking, locking and popping. This specifically focuses on developing rhythm and coordination while encouraging individual style.



Pom is a high energy jazz infused style designed for the dancer who is interested in combining dance skills with energy and enthusiasm. Pom teaches sharp arm movements, execution of choreographic visuals, and dance team/cheer skills. Dancers will learn fundamentals of Pom positions, jazz technique, and performance skills all while dancing with poms.


Acro Dance

Acro Dance is an art form that incorporates both the fluid movements of dance and the difficult tricks from acrobatics. Dancers not only learn how to execute each acro move with strength, flexibility and technique, but also learn to perform each trick seamlessly through choreographed routines. Acro is offered from the beginner level and beyond with no previous experience in acro or gymnastics required and is taught by our very own trained acro specialist.



Combination Ballet & Tap

Combination Ballet and Tap Our combination Ballet & Tap classes are wonderful for the dancer who is just starting out, ages 3-8. These students learn the basics of ballet, and tap in a fun and engaging class while gaining flexibility, basic technique, and self-confidence through repetitive motor and listening skills, coordination and rhythm practice.


Mommy & me

A creative movement class suitable for ages 18-36 months. Perfect for the child who still needs a little more support before separating from the parent or caregiver. Parents or caregivers actively participate in the class as children learn basic dance steps and terminology through songs and creative play. This class will build their self-confidence to help them blossom into beautiful dancers!